Saturday, December 17, 2011

Comfort Now. Luxury Never

                                                                                                  Photo: Shruti Kohli
Shruti Kohli in conversation with Jagi Mangat Panda

I was not there to discuss health books. But Twain’s humble advice ‘Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint’, came back to me when I met Jagi Mangat Panda recently. And now I can’t help but say, “Be careful about believing Google, blind-folded. You may die of embarrassment.” Google tells you that the girl in the chocolate commercial doing her monkey dance bit, Cadbury’s in hand, to cheer her cricketer boyfriend is Jagi Mangat Panda. She’s not!
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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Times Are Not A Changing

Her soap operas revolutionised women’s liberation at atime when women were only learning to spell liberation. But almost a decadelater she says the only liberation that has happened for women is financialliberation. Here’s the bold and graceful NeenaGupta telling MoneyQuin about her “sickness” for clothes and that she wantsto be born a rich man next time around... Read the full interview on

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Peep Into Her Wallet

She still depends on a Rs 3000-mobile handset, but has embraced credit cards as much as to sometimes put herself in a potentially embarrassing situation of not having enough in wallet to pay a cabby. She helps thousands of investors make money on the stock market but stays away from equities, depending on mutual funds for her investment, to avoid ethical quagmire.
Madhabi Puri Buch, MD & CEO of ICICI Securities and one of the most charming faces of India Inc, tells her story of dealing with money as child of well-off parents, first salary of Rs 1800, Rs 3.5 lakh first home on Mira Road, philanthropy and dream of bringing drinking water to those who don't have it, if she were to hit a jackpot. And of course her taste for pani puri on Shahjahan Road in Delhi and her newly discovered fetish for traditional jewellery--just 20 years after her marriage. Read on...

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Women CXOs: How Different?

By Ravi Bhatia, President & Managing Partner, Gilbert Tweed International
India Inc is fast getting used to a ‘feminine’ style of leadership, which Ravi Bhatia, President & Managing Partner of executive search firm Gilbert Tweed International, says will soon be the norm—not just because far more number of women will take the corner room, which of course they will, but also because the leadership skills these women bring are superior to those which have dominated the marketplace so far. He, like all of us, is hopeful that tomorrow’s world will churn out many more Indra Nooyis, Chanda Kochhars and Naina Lal Kidwais. Ravi Bhatia tells you what is it that corporates in India and outside value about women CXOs...

Monday, August 30, 2010

Drive Me Crazy!

“I don’t drive. No aptitude... It is just a vehicle that takes me from place A to place B. I confess a weakness for Jaguars, though.” Shobhaa De, author and columnist, who owns a Merc, and says, she is no ‘car fanatic’.
“I know the kind of car that will suit the person I am,” says Gul Panag, model and
actor, who owns a BMW, which she says, is ‘sporty’ and ‘more a driver’s car’. She also has a passion for bikes.
The two statements reflect a massive shift in the way women look at cars. For young, ambitious, and assertive women, it’s no more just a vehicle which takes one from place A to place B. It’s much more than that...

Actor, Model, Investor

Glam dolls are usually known to have enough money which they spend on all kind of stuff. Their money philosophy for a common man is simple: Earn a lot, spend a lot! But Gul Panag, who was crowned Miss India about a decade ago, tells you it’s not so simple. She says she’s a disciplined spender and quite a savvy investor and the irregular stream of income makes it necessary for her to be disciplined. Gul says she always had enough and the pursuit of money was perhaps never an ambition for her. 
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A Day in the Life of...

Which career would be the best for me? This is the question some of us keep asking ourselves till we officially retire. Some find the profession of their choice right at the beginning of their careers. Some realise after a few years...some after retirement and others ...NEVER. Yet, there are some who fail to succeed in the careers of their choice. Why? Because they are unable to figure out what lies ahead. They are not able to handle situations. MoneyQuin brings you - A Day in the Life of... - a column where a veteran from a chosen field discusses her work schedule. So, A Day in the Life your window to different professions. 
This issue Sonu Iyer, Partner, Ernst & Young, discusses her work schedule on a particularly busy day. Read on to get a peep into what a consultant's busy day looks like...

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Quill and Coin

She has brought insight and entertainment through her fantastic pieces on almost everything you wanted to read about. And now, in an interview to MoneyQuin, Shobhaa De reveals her secrets. She says she wants to be an architect in her next life after being an athlete, a model, a journalist, an author and a columnist in this life. If she were to hit a jackpot, she says, she would book a ticket to South America and spend six months discovering it. 
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Photo: Vikram Bawa